Toddler in Christmas Tree Farm
Painting at the Farm
Girl in Chicken Farm
Kids in Vegetable Farm
Giving back

Volunteering our time to support a cause we are passionate about is something we will never regret. It will enrich our lives and connect to people and ideas that will positively impact our perspective for the rest of our lives. Helping community is a valuable opportunity for us to grow. 

Since we started iFarmaissance, we have donated to support our community through NutriFun365 Media Ltd to organise farm events and seminars. We have invested in and provided an interest free loan to a local farm in Hong Kong through Farmaissance Management Ltd to support them to build their new farming system.  

Philosophy is committed to donating 2+% of our total sales to environmental and social causes. That commitment stands, whether we make a profit or not.


Your Turn to Take Action!