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HKSTP Incubation Program
R & D Project

Bio-based Synthetic Leather Alternative
for the Fashion, Furniture and Sporting Goods Industry



Farmaissance Innovation Holdings Limited subsidiary, Farmaissance Innovation (HK) Limited, has been approved for a 3 year HKSTP Incubation Programme. 

This represents further validation of the biosynthetic and biopolymers research which is the foundation of our biobased leather alternative material and the performance and environmental solutions it offers. 

This programme will accelerate the delivery of the material into the market, we anticipate within 6 months from the commencement of the Project.

The Product

The Project is the culmination of a long process of consultation to develop a biobased synthetic leather alternative for the fashion, furniture and sporting goods industries, to be derived from agricultural waste and regenerative feedstocks as the biomass resource. 

The novel aspect of the R & D is the identification of a selection of biomass feedstocks derived various from agricultural waste resources combined with a commercially produced bio-nylon product (made from corn and grains), by Chinese biotech company Cathay Biotech, etc. 

The ultimate test is Life Cycle Assessment , and represents a Circular Economic approach, from evaluation of feedstock origin, carbon footprint to consumer experience, end of life, degradability etc.


Our Team

Our founding team, led by Co-founders’ Jennifer Chan Gardner, Gary Gardner and CTO Alex Zhong, comprises developers and innovators with a long exposure to the practical application of a wide variety of textiles, from the sourcing, collection and processing of the raw materials through to the manufacturing of the finest quality fashion, furniture and sporting goods products.

Hong Kong provides the ideal Research environment, while mainland China is a leader in process and technology innovation which is creating opportunities for re-skilling and redeployment in areas including materials processing, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and carbon removal.

The Goal

The goal is to produce a plant-based alternative to leather which contains the highest possible biobased content (ultimate objective is as close as possible to 100%)., with preferred material characteristics benchmarked against the performance levels of natural leather. 


The innovation and global commercialisation strategy for the Patented technology will be based on a Licensing system focussed on Hong Kong and mainland China with the intention that the resultant technology can the subject of knowledge transfer. By extension, Licensing means regional Licensees can be established worldwide to avoid the negative climate consequences of extended supply chains and transporting finished products worldwide.


Hong Kong Centre of Excellence

The ultimate goal is the establishment of a Hong Kong Centre of Excellence 

as a focal point for management of Licensees worldwide. 


As a Business Innovation Centre it will provide:


  • a “bespoke” manufacturing facility for samples, prototypes and specialised orders

  • a “green laboratory” to share the biotechnology and innovation and Shenzhen 

      laboratory facilities to strengthen Mainland cooperation

  • a scalable template for Licensee factory/production layout and development

  • a Training Centre for global regional Licensees

  • continuing R & D to extend the use of the technology for the fashion, furniture and 

      sporting goods industries product categories

Stay tuned!!

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