HKSTP Incubation Program
R & D Project

Bio-based Synthetic Leather Alternative
for the Fashion Industry

Image by Jesse Gardner

A Collaborative R & D Project

Bio-based Synthetic Leather Alternative
for the Automotive Industry


The various R & D Projects currently being undertaken by Farmaissance Innovation are the culmination of a long process of consultation that began firstly with me completing the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability (CISL) course - "Business & Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions".


As a Final Assignment the course challenged me to find "My role in the transition" and the Action Plan I created, for which I received a grade of 100%, is now the basis for these innovation projects. Keys to success in the fight for Climate Change Action are Collaboration and Innovation. A pivotal collaborator is the KPMG China Partner for New Economy, who linked us to The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), who in turn have led us to the research expertise of the Professors, the Scientists and their team from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and funding through the HKSAR Government Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF).

Important also has been the support of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and their Incubation Programme, and leading Chinese biotechnology company, Cathay Biotech who are acknowledged world leaders in biobased polymers.


This has set us on course to bring these Projects to life!

The patented technology and the products that we expect to emerge from these research initiatives will have widespread commercial impact, creating jobs and inspiring further innovation. More important however will be the positive climate and UN SDG effects - decarbonisation benefits in agricultural production of the raw materials and along supply chains, elimination of toxic chemicals and enhanced product biodegradability at end of use.

Please follow us on this journey for a cleaner, safer planet!


Founder, Farmaissance Innovation and iFarmaissance Brands


"True Circularity comes from reimagining and conceptualising raw materials and products from the very beginning".


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Project Life Cycle Approach (LCA)  : Circular Economy

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